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Ambrosia continuously strives to create competitive advantage for its clients, customers and partners. Other than this ‘end’ – of creating competitive advantage – we believe in making the ‘journey’ of our engagements as memorable as possible. Most of our clients have commended our team for having a perfect balance between being result oriented and being fun filled.

We believe in an X/Y* rule to work. The success and growth of an organization, like an individual, depends not only on the excellence with which each executes the Xs in its life, but also on the vision that each has to create a better and a greater tomorrow. This is why Y's play a huge role in the overall growth of individuals as well as organizations.

At Ambrosia we are very well grounded and committed to the work that we take, but are always ready to explore and sail through the un-chartered waters of business. This spirit has, as a result, led us to challenge and stretch ourselves to learn new things (always in a small span of time) and execute seemingly impossible tasks, successfully. Our people and the teams, being the drivers of this growth, have evolved immensely as a result. With a flat hierarchy and a merit driven culture, time has seen Ambrosia to become a young, entrepreneurial, talented, highly spirited and a successful organization.

We are always on the lookout for people who other than sharing our values – passion, commitment and integrity – have something extra: the energy, the enthusiasm and the spirit, with which they lead their lives. It is our constant endeavor to attract and develop such people of exceptional talent and attitude, and give them an environment where these talented individuals can drive and prosper their dreams.

If this description of Ambrosia excites you, and you feel that you have the drive and ambition to create a better tomorrow for yourself, we would like to hear from you.

NOTE: If you have any questions regarding our recruitment policy please feel free to write to hr@ambrosiaconsultants.com

*X/Y Rule: X being the percentage time spent in a week/month/year doing things that one is comfortable in, and Y representing the percentage time where the person leaves his comfort zone and challenges himself to do something unknown to him before.

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